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Company FAQs & Odor Mitigation Investments

Crimson Holdings Overview

  • Founded: May 2020
  • Purchased Adrian Facility: December 2022
  • Local Employee Size: 30 Adrian residents
  • End Product: Inedible Egg Drying Facility that is sold to some of the nation’s leading pet food brands.
    • Eggs used in production are sourced from 40 farms across the U.S., mainly the Midwest.
  • Investment: To date, there has been a total investment of $10mm, including the purchase of the facility, new equipment, and improvements.

Odor Mitigation Investments


  • Installed a reverse osmosis line to increase production capacity and limit the potential for microbial growth, which was contributing to odor.
  • Automated conveyor shelling process to streamline operations and reduce odor generation.
  • Rented and tested a nano-bubble system to mitigate odor from the wastewater treatment room (DAF).
  • Conducted comprehensive stack testing to assess the particulate matter, examine the velocity of the plume, and gauge the overall effectiveness of the stack. Data was reviewed for potential modifications.
  • Installed an odor-neutralizer system to treat odors.
  • Consulted with the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) and experts in the field of air pollution control and odor mitigation technology on a scrubber system and developed a plan to install it.
    • Crimson purchased the scrubber in May 2023.
  • Installed a 5-spray nozzle system in collaboration with Spraying Systems to amplify nano-bubble technology for odor control in the exhaust stack.
  • Performed stack testing to ensure toxic air contaminants meet the associated acceptable ambient concentrations associated with Michigan’s air toxics rules.
  • Documented required maintenance activities at the plant and created checklists to ensure proper record-keeping.
  • Installed 100-foot stack.
  • Changed the sludge storage tank stack and developed a routine to periodically replace carbon filters associated with the tank.
  • Implemented a Fully Sustainable Strategy to better care for the land, air, and environment.
    • The facility sends the waste shell to Tuthill Farms and Composting and waste products to BioWorks (Flint Digester for Sludge). Waste is used for composting and to generate energy.

In Progress

  • Preparing a Purchase Order (PO) for a second fogging nozzle recommended by industry experts, Spraying Systems.
    • Installation of a second fogging nozzle.
  • Finalizing an Odor Management Plan for submission to EGLE.
  • Scheduled additional visits with experts in the field of air pollution control and odor mitigation technology to discuss several topics, including potential options to increase the stack air velocity.
  • Installation of scrubber system.
  • Crimson is continuously working on improving the efficacy of the existing odor control system and maintaining regular communication with EGLE to ensure compliance with environmental safety standards.
  • Pathosans odor neutralizer generator system was installed the week of July 17, 2023 and initiated operation on July 21, 2023.
  • Week of July 17, 2023: In partnership with Kriegoff-Lenawee, began removing obsolete tanks and clearing space for the scrubber. 
  • Week of July 24, 2023: Removed an old concrete cistern to prepare the foundation for scrubber.
    • See photos below.